US Stock – 165cm/5ft41 Candice Smart Talking Milf Sex Doll

US Stock – 165cm/5ft41 Candice Smart Talking Milf Sex Doll


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Meet Candice, one of our most beautiful Milfs. With her perfect breasts and amazing ass, Candice is equipped with our smart talking tech! Candice will be sure to let you know when she’s having a good time and enjoying herself by your side. With her fully articulated body and soft skin, you’ll love every second with this gorgeous talking doll! This Milf sex doll is just waiting to be swept off her feet. Order now!

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Product Description

US Stock Available – Discreet and Fast Free Shipping
Average: 2-5 days delivery
Standing Feet: NO
Please note that the dolls received may differ visually due to different make-up/eyes/wigs/costumes, etc. They are actually the same doll.
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Key features of this voluptuous Real Life Milf Sex Doll.

1. The sexiest milf Jade is looking forward to meeting the new life belonging to this realistic sex doll. She is made of TPE all over her body, has a vocal function, and is currently in stock in the US.

2. The sex doll is made with medical TPE, the skin is soft to the touch and feels almost like the real thing.

3. The body of the doll uses a fully articulated poseable spirit alloy skeleton, allowing her to pose in any position like a real woman.

4. All cheap sex dolls have 3 holes (anal, vaginal, mouth) for the ultimate sexual pleasure.

5. Privacy guaranteed, your privacy is of the utmost importance and with our discreet packaging, you can shop with confidence.

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