RIDMII Unique Design Yukina 160cm/5ft25 Japanese Girl Big Boobs Love Doll

RIDMII Unique Design Yukina 160cm/5ft25 Japanese Girl Big Boobs Love Doll

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Original price was: $1,199.00.Current price is: $959.00.

Lydia is a beautiful Japanese woman with a medium height of 151cm, with the unique three-dimensional features and voluptuous body of an Asian sex doll. With long black hair, almost black eyes, and soft skin, the big-breasted sex doll has a unique charm that Japanese women exude.

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    • Medical Grade TPE 100% Safe for the Body
    • All Our Dolls Are CE, FDA, RoHS Certified
    • Free doll gift package: including cleaning sets, random clothes, heating sticks, etc.
    *Removable Tongue
    *Pubic Hair
    *Standing Feet
    *Yoga Skelton
    *Articulated Fingers
    *Body Heating
    *Moaning & Speaking
    *Hip Auto-Wiggling
thick ass sex doll

Original price was: $1,199.00.Current price is: $959.00.

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1 review for RIDMII Unique Design Yukina 160cm/5ft25 Japanese Girl Big Boobs Love Doll

  1. Yi Nan Hill

    I play with mine up to 5 times a day she feels grat and she doesn’t complain when I finish inside her

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Product Description

Sex Doll Parameters Manual measurement
Height 160cm (5ft25)
Bust 80cm (31.50in)
Waist 56cm (22.05in)
Hip 83cm (32.68in)
Net Weight 33kg (72.75lbs)


PLEASE NOTE: Yukina is a doll with a wig not a hair transplant, consisting of a TPE body + silicone head, with a realistic face and soft body composition to give you an immersive feeling. She can also make panting and moaning sounds (non-touch vocalization, non-voice interaction) to cooperate with you to complete the orgasm, the big breasts feel mesmerizing, and lastly, she is suitable for laying down to give you forward or backward entry position as she does not have standing feet.
For more details, you can inquire customer service.

The key features of Japanese Sex Doll

1. The Japanese sex doll features realistic three-dimensional, and the body feels soft to the touch, almost the same as a real Asian woman.

2. Fully articulated poseable mental alloy skeleton in the core, makes her can pose in any position as a real woman.

3. Privacy Guaranteed, Your privacy is of the utmost importance, and with our discreet packaging, you can shop in confidence.

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