Seven Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Realistic Sex Doll

Seven Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Realistic Sex Doll

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Sex dolls don’t only last a short while. You might have absorbed the idea that a decent realistic sex doll is supposed to be sufficient for you and your requirements even if you have fully used realistic sex dolls in your solo sex life.  Meanwhile, we’re told that masturbation is an act to practice, explore, and do whatever we want. But today it occurred to me that many people are interested in the clever things they can do with sex dolls. As a result, I decided to write this article to satisfy your curiosity and inform you of the seven clever things you can do with sex dolls. So please maintain your focus as we move on.

1. Get to know the Adult sex doll

The first step to using a realistic adult sex doll in inventive ways is to get to know it. If you already have a sex doll, try to determine how tight it is by having quick, impromptu sex with it. 

It can also be a really good idea to answer your curiosities and become familiar with the options your sex doll offers you. You have a fantastic chance to figure out your sexual interest in your realistic sex doll and the wonderful methods you can engage in foreplay sex with it.

Once you’ve identified your adult cheap sex doll and the ways you can enjoy having sex with it, get ready to put the techniques into practice by setting aside a portion of each day to devote to fucking your sex doll until you learn more about the amazing fucking position that suits you best. 

The issue is already half solved if you figure out the greatest fantastic fucking posture that works well for you. Try to also find out the style of pants or tights that get you on when you’re ready for a good round of sex with your adult lifelike sex doll. What I mean is you should find out if it’s torn tights or open pants that your sex doll wears when you have the greatest sex with it.

2. Consider edging with your most realistic sex doll

If you’ve never practiced sex with edging, it’s the act of getting yourself or your spouse close to orgasm but stopping before it actually happens. Sex dolls are very helpful in this regard. It entails pushing yourself to the brink of orgasm and then pulling back. It’s not only erotic and playful in equal measure, but it also trains you to recognize the precise triggers for your orgasms.

Achieving an orgasm while masturbating or engaging in random sex can be very challenging for some people. If you fit into such a category, you should attempt something unique, like an edging sex position with your sex doll!

Other names for edging include surfing, teasing, and peaking. Every man and woman can practice edging with their realistic sex dolls. Although it is frequently used to treat early ejaculation, its main advantage is to prolong and amplify the orgasmic sensation. Don’t be afraid to give this edging notion a go if you can’t manage your orgasms because it’s a very good and beneficial one.

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3. Consider doggy style with your BBW sex doll

Doggy style has some advantages, one of which is that the BBW sex doll can bounce back against your lap. An easy-on-the-back sex doll is an ideal choice for this fashion. A doll that lies flat on the bed in doggy style will typically just stay in place and require all of your effort to move it.

But if you can get your doll to be able to kneel in front of you and always hit back to your lap after placing a number of pillows or blankets under her tummy, you’ll have a doggy doll who can perform the bulk of the work. Such a BBW sex doll will be well fit for a doggy style during sex.

One of the Ingenious things you can do with an SSBBW sex doll is doggy style because it feels so amazing. You can practice it whenever you want with your chubby sex doll, and I can assure you that you will adore it because it is a sex position that brings you a great deal of fulfillment and profound pleasure. 

4. Consider the cowgirl style with your real sex doll

One of the nicest positions to try when having sex with your doll is the cowgirl position. But before we begin, we need to understand some placement fundamentals because most new sex doll owners could find it challenging to position their real sex doll correctly for this technique. 

Setting your real love sexdoll for a cowgirl style is not that tough. For this style, I’ll suggest getting the best sex doll you can afford. Having the option of standing feet also helps because it makes it easy to get the cowgirl style.

From the bottom of the bed, the doll should resemble an M once its legs are spread, knees are bent and rotated, and ankles are pointed outward to match the lines of the shins. Once your thighs are underneath hers,  you can slide your legs under the arch of her legs. She can now ride you by being pulled up by her trunk and placed on your lap. 

There should be very little strain on the back and very little strain on the thick sex doll because this is one of the safest ways to assume this position. You can continue to enjoy yourself for as long as you like once you figure out this clever method of having sex with your sex doll.

5. Consider having sex with your Thick sex doll while she sits on a chair

A chair is an excellent tool for achieving creative sex positions. You may attempt having sex with your doll, over the table, or practically any place in the house, but a decent one involves just sitting down. The sex doll can jump on you and make wonderful visual contact. If the chair is an armchair, you can put the doll’s legs over them and bounce her up and down using them as pivot points. Just hold on tight to prevent her from falling.

If the thick sex doll is large, fixing her on an armchair might not be the best idea. Instead, try squatting her over a chair that is armless, or if the doll has the standing upgrade, turn her to your front side and lift her up and down on your lap from there.

If you’ve tried this sex position before, you’ll understand what I mean, but if you haven’t, now is your chance. Try it, and when you do, you’ll be amazed at how much joy you feel.

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6. Consider the scissors sex position with your sex love doll

If you want deep eye contact and intimate proximity to your sex partner or if you dislike the missionary sex technique. Incorporate The Scissor posture. When you’re fatigued and merely want to make gentle motions to achieve decent penetration and excitement, this is fantastic.

Try this scissors style with your love doll if you want to sate your sexual urge during a period of rest because sometimes we may be tired but our realistic sex dolls need a good pounding.

To best accommodate you, the doll is lying on her back with one leg lifted and bent at the knee, and the other leg flat on the bed or just slightly bent. The lifted leg is then lowered such that the leg on the bed is now between your thighs. The lifted leg can now be positioned in whichever position is most satisfying, including over your shoulder. 

7. Consider having sex with your doll on the bed’s corner

Although placing the doll in a chair and the corner of the bed are somewhat comparable, the bed’s softness makes it much simpler to slip under the doll, resulting in better and more enjoyable sex. Additionally, you can lay back while lifting the doll or lean back and do both.

She may be placed on an exercise ball to provide a little more support and encourage her to jump up and down. This will assist to prevent her from falling forward, but take great care not to dump her sideways as well.

In these positions where the doll is hunched over, the exercise ball is useful. If it is somewhat deflated, it can even be used in a doggie style; the doll will sink into it in this fashion, preventing it from slipping sideways and protecting the hands and fingers, which can be delicate. You should do this in the middle of the bed to reduce the possibility that the doll will be thrown out of bed if you start to lose control.

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Working through the seven original things you can do with a sex doll has been a lot of fun. I sincerely hope this essay helps you in some way that will enhance your sexual life and behavior.

You always have the option to purchase your first sex doll from, whether you do so online or in person. Therefore, purchase it as soon as possible so that you can begin practicing all of these fantastic sex positions

Thank you for reading!

James Lee

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