About Us

SexDollTech’s story began in 2017 and from the beginning to the future we have only one purpose: to provide our customers with the best quality realistic cheap sex dolls. Not only do we have the most professional design and development team with every detail from the consumer’s point of view, but we also have our own production facilities and the latest technology from the USA. SexDollTech’s founders have traveled the world in search of ideas and designs that push the boundaries of production, application, and development to create more advanced dolls.

Along the way, SexDollTech has gained very good sales and accolades based on the principle of “Quality First, Service First”. We have opened local offices and warehouses in the US, UK, and Germany. In 2022, we plan to open branches in Canada and Japan. We will globalize our business to provide more customers with dolls that perfectly match their needs and desires, and provide a first-class experience.

In addition to ensuring quality and service, we are always protecting the privacy of our consumers. All orders are guaranteed to be shipped 100% concealed, with no mention of any information about the product on the outer packaging, guaranteeing you confidential information and free shipping.

If you are looking for a spiritual and physical playmate, SexDollTech is the ultimate choice for you! Contact us now at [email protected].