US Warehouse

All of our sex dolls USA are stored in a California warehouse!

Welcome to the USA warehouse. Our American sex dolls are made in the USA using the latest technology. Most of our sex dolls USA are stand-up, and you will also receive our free gift pack when you purchase our sex dolls USA through this page.

About shipping: Once we receive payment, shipping will be arranged within 24 hours.

Delivery: Normally It takes 2-5 business days delivery from California, US. Free shipping/Free duties/100% Discreet package/Pick up available.

Tracking: We will update the tracking No. within 1-3 business days after payment. Tracking updates may be delayed when encountering holidays or weekends.

Sexdolltech’s USA sex dolls are available for next-day delivery (except Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska), please get in touch with us at [email protected]for more details.


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Email: [email protected]
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