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SexDollTech offers a wide variety of high-quality life-size dolls for you to choose from at the best prices. A life size sex doll is curvaceous has a sexy body and comes with perky breasts and arse. The lifesize sex dolls have mouths, asses, and pussies for you to enjoy.

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We offer free and discreet shipping on this page where you can find all styles of full size sex dolls with different heights and body types that are easy to maintain. The warehouses of full size sex dolls are located worldwide, including those located in the USA, UK, EU, and Hong Kong, to ensure free and fast shipping.

You can also customize sex dolls and sex doll heads according to your needs and preferences. realistic life size sex doll, close to real life, you can pick the best one for your height and preferences.

What is a full-size sex doll?

Full size sex dolls are defined as full-body humanoid, anatomically correct anthropomorphic realistic adult sex dolls designed for sexual use in a variety of materials (e.g., rubber, plush, silicone, and thermoplastic elastomer) and price ranges. SexDollTech’s exclusive life size sex dolls feature at least one user-insertable opening (mouth, vagina, or anus) and/or body part (tongue or penis) that can be penetrated by the user. The doll parts used for sexual penetration or insertion are typically designed to be removable for cleaning. What makes our lifesize sex dolls special is their sexual function, but that doesn’t mean they are used only for sexual purposes. They can also be used as artificial love partners, social partners, or photo models, which is why their owners often refer to them as sex love dolls, or simply adult dolls, a term also used by most scientists and some


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US Stock – RIDMII Rachel 161cm Huge Breast Sexy Love Doll

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