RIDMII Janiyah 170cm 125# Head Realistic Tender Premium Adult Dolls

RIDMII Janiyah 170cm 125# Head Realistic Tender Premium Adult Dolls



Standing at 170cm/5ft5in, Janiyah is the MILF sex doll of your dreams. With her amazingly large breasts and incredible hourglass shape, Janiyah is ready to be customized to be the most perfect woman for you. Janiyah is just waiting for you to tell her what to do and will look anyway for you. From the color of her eyes to her hair you can add whatever you’d like to fulfill all of your fantasies. With both male and female genitalia options, you can have fun any way you want! Janiyah Is just craving for you to bend her in any way with her fully articulated body and sweet skin. Don’t keep Janiyah waiting! Order now!

Availability: 999 in stock

    • 25% Off Code: NEW25
    • Custom Sex Doll: 30-35 working days sea freight.
    • Free doll gift package: including cleaning sets, random clothes, heating sticks, etc.
    • 100% Discreet Packaging & VAT Free
    • Medical Grade TPE 100% Safe for the Body
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee Policy
    • All Our Dolls Are CE, FDA, RoHS Certified










    *Removable Tongue



    *Pubic Hair

    *Standing Feet

    *Yoga Skelton

    *Reduce Weight Up to 10KG

    *Articulated Fingers

    *Head Material




Availability: 999 in stock

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The Doll will be packed in a tight, study, moisture-proof carton, and there will be no information indicating that it is a doll. 100% privacy protection. Please note that customs agents may open your doll box for inspection and determine the import tax for overseas customers.


We provide worldwide free and discreet delivery service, mainly to North America, Europe, and Asia. However, due to import laws and regulations and certain restrictions, we will not ship to the following destinations: Islamic countries, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Africa, Brazil, or Mexico.

Note: If you can accept an additional shipping cost of $500, we can send our realistic sex dolls to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, etc. Please contact us for more details.


For packages sent to North America, the UK, and EU countries, we usually include tax in the postage, so for most cases, you do need to pay tax.

For parcels sent to Mexico, Canada, or other European countries outside the EU, customers generally need to cooperate with customs clearance and pay taxes independently. Usually, we will try our best to help our customers reduce their customs duties.


For customized dolls, it normally takes 1-2 weeks from the date of order for your doll to be manufactured and shipped. For dolls in stock, it normally takes 2-5 business days. There may be exceptions.

Before shipping, we can take photos to confirm the completeness and correctness of the product if customers need it. We will only ship the product after the customers confirm approval. A parcel tracking number will be provided within 1-2 business days of approval being received.

Our goal is to ship all products as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your new doll. However, please note that even if your dolls are pre-configured, it will take some time to complete your order.

If you have any special request, for instance, you want her to be delivered on Saturdays or a time on weekdays, or you want to pick her up from the local post office instead. Please leave a note during checkout. Typically, our sex doll delivery partner will give you a call to notify you before they arrive at your doorstep.

Sexdolltech’s sex dolls have next-day delivery service in the USA (except Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska), For more details please connect us at [email protected]


The SexDollTech story began in 2017 and from the beginning to the future we have had one goal in mind: to provide our customers with the highest quality real-life sex dolls. Not only do we have the most professional design and development team with every detail from the consumer’s point of view, but we also have our own production facilities and the latest technology from the U.S. SexDollTech’s founders travel the world in search of ideas and designs that push the boundaries of production, application, and development to create more advanced dolls.

Along the way, SexDollTech has achieved excellent sales and praise based on the principle of “quality first, service first”. We have opened local offices and warehouses in the U.S., U.K., and Germany, and in 2022, we have opened branches in Canada and Japan. We are globalizing our business to provide more customers with dolls that perfectly match their needs and desires, and to provide a first-class experience.

In addition to ensuring quality and service, we always protect the privacy of our consumers. All orders are guaranteed to be shipped 100% concealed, with no mention of any information about the product on the outer packaging, guaranteeing you confidential information and free shipping.

If you’re looking for a playmate for your mind and body, SexDollTech is your ultimate choice! Get it now via [email protected] contact us.

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1. The size is measured manually, there may be a few centimeters of error, which is normal.

2. Due to differences in different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

3. 100% satisfaction. If necessary, you can contact us for a real shot factory picture of the doll before you place an order.

4. Cleaning precautions. The doll neck joint can not be washed in water, otherwise, it will easily cause the metal to rust and affect your experience with the doll toy.

Product Description

RIDMII Janiyah 170cm 125# Head Realistic Tender Premium Adult Dolls

Average: 30-45 days delivery


Height:170cm | 5ft 6inch

Weight:40kg | 88.2lbs

Billing weight:51kg | 112.4lbs

Bust:89cm | 35inch

Waist:57cm | 22.4inch

Hip:98cm | 38.6inch

Under bust:60cm | 23.6inch

Shoulder width:36cm | 14.2inch

Arm length:51cm | 20.1inch

Hand length:15cm | 5.9inch

Leg length:80cm | 31.5inch

Foot length:20cm | 7.9inch

Arm circumference:27cm | 10.6inch

Thigh circumference:56cm | 22inch

Calf circumference:35cm | 13.8inch

Neckline:32cm | 12.6inch

Oral depth:13cm | 5.1inch

Vaginal depth:18cm | 7.1inch

Anal depth:17cm | 6.7inch

Package dimensions:159*42*34cm

Please note that the dolls received may differ visually due to different make-up/eyes/wigs/costumes, etc. They are actually the same doll.

Key features of this voluptuous huge tits sex doll.

1. If you like tall girls, this gentle adult doll must be your best choice. Janiyah is the best big boobs sex doll, and she’s even customizable!

2. The sex doll is made with medical TPE, the skin is soft to the touch and feels almost like the real thing.

3. The body of the doll uses a fully articulated poseable spirit alloy skeleton, allowing her to pose in any position like a real woman.

4. All cheap sex dolls have 3 holes (anal, vaginal, mouth) for the ultimate sexual pleasure.

5. Privacy guaranteed, your privacy is of the utmost importance and with our discreet packaging, you can shop with confidence.

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1. Size for manual measurement, there may be several centimeters error, which belongs to the normal phenomenon.

2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

3.100% Satisfaction: You can contact us for real-taken factory pictures of your doll before placing the order if you need them.

4. Cleaning precautions: The doll neck joint can not be washed, otherwise, it will easily cause metal rust and influence your experience with the doll toy.

Weight 40 kg
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