Myra 158cm/5ft18 Full Silicone Big Belly Adult Doll Blonde Hair Pregnant Love Doll

Myra 158cm/5ft18 Full Silicone Big Belly Adult Doll Blonde Hair Pregnant Love Doll

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Miriam is a 158cm tall adult sex doll with a classic and timeless look. She has long, blonde hair and a lifelike appearance, making her one of the most realistic sex dolls on the market. Despite her petite size, Miriam is also a pregnant sex doll, adding an extra level of excitement and realism to her already lifelike appearance. Her body is made from full silicone, giving her soft, lifelike skin and flexible joints that mimic the sensation of a real partner. As a lifelike milf sex doll, Miriam is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a highly realistic sexual experience or simply want a companion to share their fantasies with. Whether you’re looking for a mature and lifelike companion or simply want to explore your pregnancy fetish, Miriam is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

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    • Medical Grade TPE 100% Safe for the Body
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    *Removable Tongue
    *Pubic Hair
    *Standing Feet
    *Yoga Skelton
    *Articulated Fingers
    *Body Heating
    *Moaning & Speaking
    *Hip Auto-Wiggling
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Product Description

Features of Silicone Big Belly Adult Doll Pregnant Myra

1. Myra is a young big bellied sex doll who maintains her beauty and grace every day. Her bright, deep eyes, long implanted brown hair, sexy breasts and pale skin are perfect for your pregnancy obsession. Her entire body glows with motherly love and makes you unstoppable.
2. She is made of full silicone, which makes her soft and realistic to the touch. She can be posed in as many sexual positions as you wish.
3. She can have any kind of intercourse like a real woman – vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse and breast intercourse.

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