Rae 158cm/5ft18 Silicone Big Belly Lady Premium Pregnant Love Doll

Rae 158cm/5ft18 Silicone Big Belly Lady Premium Pregnant Love Doll

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Rae is a silicone adult sex doll standing at 158cm tall and designed as a pregnant sex doll. With long hair and big breasts, she is an attractive option for those looking for a realistic pregnant partner. Rae is crafted with high-quality silicone and detailed features, providing a realistic experience for users seeking intimacy and companionship. Despite her non-traditional design, Rae is able to provide a pleasurable sexual experience, making her a popular choice for those looking for something unique and realistic in an adult sex doll. With her attractive appearance and realistic feel, Rae is a highly sought-after option in the adult doll market.

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    *Removable Tongue
    *Pubic Hair
    *Standing Feet
    *Yoga Skelton
    *Articulated Fingers
    *Body Heating
    *Moaning & Speaking
    *Auto Functions
premium pregnant love doll

Original price was: $2,799.00.Current price is: $2,199.00.

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Product Description

Sex Doll Parameters Manual measurement
Height 158cm (5ft 18)
Net Weight 40kg (88.18lbs)
Billing Weight 45kg (99.21lbs)
Bust 89cm (35.04in)
Waist 60cm (23.62in)
Hip 104cm (40.94in)

Big Belly Love Doll Silicone Rae is Pregnant

1. Rae is a gentle, big-bellied sex doll. She has implanted grey hair, dark eyes that seem to speak, a seductive little red mouth that attracts countless men, medium breasts and you can tell by the curves of her body that she used to be a skinny girl before she got pregnant.
2. her whole body is made of high-grade silicone material, so you will find she has the same as a real woman.
3. Her body is super soft and flexible, not only does she have moveable joints, she can be posed in any sexual position you want and have breast sex, anal sex and vaginal sex.

Premium Pregnant Love Doll Premium Pregnant Sex Doll Big Belly sex doll Silicone Pregnant love doll

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