Seven Difficult Things About Realistic Sex Doll

Seven Difficult Things About Realistic Sex Doll

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Sex dolls are excellent for enhancing your sexual life, abilities, character, and long-term relationships, but you might be asking if there are any challenging aspects of sex dolls that you need to be aware of. You are in the proper place if you have ever wondered about such a thing. We’ll be looking closely at sex dolls’ lives and the seven challenging things you should know about them in this piece today. Therefore, you must keep reading this article and pay close attention at all times if you don’t want to miss the chance to learn the challenging facts regarding sex dolls.

1. Cheap sex dolls are quite expensive

Cheap sex dolls are created of materials that closely resemble human skin, including silicone, TPR, and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)  bases. Both the molds used to shape the dolls and these liquid-to-solid material kinds are not inexpensive!

The way it works is that after one manufacturer develops the molds for these dolls, production may begin. 

Since these dolls are typically modeled after well-known celebrities or porn stars, the majority of companies that produce them must compensate their models.

A top-of-the-line realistic sex doll now has a lot more data to comprehend. They are pricey not just because of the materials used, but also because of the important processes necessary to make these sex dolls.

The demand from consumers is the primary factor in sex doll prices rising. 

Consequently, if you want to get a sex doll. Try keeping an eye out for deals and promotions for sex dolls online or in a sex doll shop, especially at 

Even though they cost a considerable sum of money, if you take good care of them, they will last you for many years and give you a peaceful mind.

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2. Adult sex dolls are pretty heavy.

Choosing the right size is one of the most crucial choices when purchasing a sex doll. Sex dolls are often organized according to their height, which can range from 62 cm to 178 cm. Many people are unaware of the important role weight plays in this choice. The doll gets heavier as it gets higher.

Sex dolls have a very heavy weight, unlike humans, and the weight is unevenly distributed throughout the doll. They will actually feel heavier than you would expect, and carrying a heavy doll is tiring. A chubby sex doll can be a good workout, but most people find it to be very uncomfortable. If you have back issues, it is best to purchase a smaller doll due to the weight.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE )and silicone sex dolls are not filled with air. The bones of TPE and silicone sex dolls are made of a thick, internal metal skeleton. The doll’s exterior is made of strong thermoplastic elastomer or silicone material, which adds to its overall weight due to the material’s thickness. Naturally, a BBW chubby sex doll is produced by combining a metal skeleton with TPE or silicone material, and the higher the doll, the more metal and silicone are utilized, producing a heavier doll.

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3. Each sex doll is created in a limited edition

Many custom sex dolls are made in limited editions or small quantities, which means that the company only offers her for a limited time before moving on to something bigger.

So when you choose your favorite type of sex doll and decide to buy one, be sure to get as many as you can and store them safely at home.

For example, you can always switch to a second curvy sex doll when the first one you buy starts to get old or work slowly. If you don’t, you may constantly be blaming yourself if your previously purchased curvy sex doll tears or wears out and you don’t have another one to replace it because it may be out of stock or the manufacturer may have started producing another type of sex doll that is different from the one you originally used.

4. Heat retention is short-lived in most sex dolls.

Despite the fact that these sex dolls are very realistic, one challenging fact about them is that they temporarily retain heat. Due to the lack of an internal heating mechanism in the majority of sex dolls, they can feel fairly chilly to the touch, especially during the winter season.

While playing with my sex doll, I repeatedly noticed this. This might be the case because I’m so accustomed to my doll or because my body tends to radiate heat.

But because sex dolls lose heat quickly, you should usually keep her as covered as you can to keep her warm so that you can keep enjoying her.

5. Sex dolls don’t have a constant working source

This is majorly due to the fact that sex dolls lack a source of energy that would allow them to function continuously forever. Many sex dolls use batteries as their power source; all you need to do is insert the battery, turn them on, and they start to work. However, this function of the sex doll when fitted with batteries is limited because the battery may run out at any time, especially after 5 or 6 hours, and you may need to charge the batteries in order to use the sex doll again.

Other sex dolls may need that you plug them into a light source before you can have sex with them, however in most countries, the electricity is unstable and occasionally the voltage may be low, making it difficult for the sex dolls to be powered. Such occurrences could be very depressing because you might be fully prepared for sex with your sex doll when they do happen.

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6. No sex doll is independently locomotive

Although sex dolls are amazing at giving you the best sex experience possible, they are not independently locomotive, which means that before they can change positions, they need assistance from an outside source, most often their owners. 

The sex doll industries continue to find this fact to be very difficult to accept, and it has generated a lot of controversy over the years because it has both a one-sided advantage—you can easily move them to the best position of your choosing during sex—and a one-sided disadvantage—you might get tired of moving them.

Even though some sex dolls have artificial intelligence, you still need to maintain control over them before they can fully move from one point to another.

7. Many sex dolls are independently speechless

Sex dolls have become increasingly realistic thanks to artificial intelligence, but it’s amazing to note that they are still voiceless unless they are activated by a phone, remote, or software app. And if they react to any questions, it’s frequently because the owner of the sex doll has turned on the remote control or the software app on his/her phone. 

The sex doll industry has yet to succeed in creating a sex doll that can speak and respond to questions without the aid of a remote control or software app, but I know they are working very hard on it. Probably within the next 50 years, we will have a sex doll that can speak to its sex partner on its own.

An American sex doll with better voice functionality was reportedly created by an electrical engineer about five years ago, but it isn’t exactly what many people expected to see in the sex world.

The majority of sex dolls have internal engines that keep them functioning properly, but if those engines break down or a wire becomes worthless, the sex doll will no longer be able to perform as well as it once did unless it is repaired. Although they are also doing a great job of putting a lot of things so that partners and singles can experience the best sex pleasure and intense Satisfaction, this is yet another difficulty for sex doll firms across the world today.

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Sex dolls are very good for having sex since they increase your comfort and convenience while also allowing you to experience intense pleasure. They do, however, also have some challenges and drawbacks affecting them. But I still want to give respect to the firms that make sex dolls and the engineers behind them since sex dolls have more benefits than drawbacks and have helped many individuals mend shattered relationships, homes, and hearts. Additionally, they are eager to enhance your sexual performance with your spouse and alleviate your feelings of loneliness and melancholy.

If you’ve never tried a sex doll but want to, you can always order one from Ordering a sex doll from them is very simple; all you have to do is browse their website online, choose the best one you like, and then get in touch with them via their contact information.

I believe that we’ve been able to examine deeply into sex dolls’ lives and learn everything there is to know about their difficulty in this essay today.

Thank you for reading!