The Ultimate Guide To Sex Doll

The Ultimate Guide To Sex Doll

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Considering purchasing a sex love doll or recently receiving a real doll and unsure of how to care for your new friend? Assembling your new sex doll, caring for your genuine doll, and the various types of joy a love doll may bring to your relationship are just a few of the elements to be aware of in order to keep your doll in good condition.

A new genuine doll requires a significant financial commitment. Those of you who have already bought sex dolls, kudos on a job well done! An adult sex doll is like having a companion available at all times. You will have more power and fulfillment in your sexual life, and your relationship will be more exciting and new.

In addition to your amazing physique, fashion sense, and preferred attire choice. A true love doll only desires to have a good time. They do not actually exist. They don’t give a damn about how much money you make, what sort of car you drive, or what kind of work you perform. Additionally, they don’t really care if you’re married or not; they’ll fulfill any wants you to have as long as you take care of them. You’ll have a wonderful sidekick and tons of fun with a sex doll!

This post will teach you more about how to select the ideal real love doll for you if you haven’t yet bought one of our sex dolls. It makes your life happier and is a kind buddy.

The tips in this post will help you get the most out of your investment and take the best possible care of your love doll. To find out more about the many dolls available, see our “how to select the right love doll for you” area. Okay, let’s get going!

How To Open And Assemble Your Sex Doll?

You’ve finally gotten your BBW sex doll, congrats! You carefully chose the doll of your dreams a few weeks ago, waited for her to be created according to your specifications, followed the progress of her delivery, and today she has at last come! You’ll want to take care of her skin, body, and hair now that she’s at your side so she may continue to make you happy for a long time.

You found it difficult to contain your excitement as soon as the delivery man placed your box in front of your door. Standing on the porch, you grabbed the box with both hands. You weren’t sure if you signed it because you were too excited or because the package was too heavy because it felt like the best offer. The box in your hands has accelerated your heartbeat to the point where you didn’t even see the delivery man. Cowboy, calm down. We are aware of how exciting this occasion is for you and that you are eager to enter the rodeo. Before using your new adult toy and improving your sexual life, we believe you should read those crucial steps. Let’s get to work unpacking and gently putting your sex doll together!

Gross parcel size for a 160 cm sex doll:

Size: 170 cm

Size: 30 cm

Height: 40 cm

39kg as a whole

Bring the package into a room and place it on a spacious floor with care.

Surprisingly, the package’s weight is the first thing you notice.

When you get it, it usually weighs around 80 pounds. The sex doll itself will weigh between 50 and 70 pounds, excluding the box. If you don’t have an elevator and reside on the floor above floor four, or if you’re elderly or have mobility issues, we advise tipping the delivery person or getting help from your close relatives and friends.

Your sex doll shouldn’t experience any bumps or damage at all! Find a spot with an adequate area to place her on the flooring after carrying her inside the room with care. Make sure you have enough space for both of you to lie down on the floor next to the box with your lover’s sex doll.

Open The Box After Using A Tool To Carefully Cut The Tape.

Open the box gently from the edge using a knife or other tool. Don’t let your razor-sharp blade cut too deeply. Just cut this bit of tape, please. You don’t want to itch your ideal girl’s skin. Open the package after carefully removing the tape to reveal her inside!

Use Soap To Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands now. Your ideal woman is lying in front of you, so innocent and serene. On her flawless, spotless skin, you don’t want to leave stains or marks. Let’s go on to the following step after you thoroughly wash your hands with water and soap.

Remove The Head, Then Position It Properly

Let’s tackle the biggest issue first. A packing foam package around the size of a football will be visible. This is the doll’s actual head. Take care when removing it. When you remove the head from the box and set it on the floor, you can use the bag to position it below. When not in use, you can also utilize this bag to shield your head.

Remove The Accessories

Numerous accessories are available from us, including your sex doll’s attire, a suspension kit, gloves, an irrigator, and occasionally cleaning supplies. The lovely body of your new big boobs sex doll with a blanket where she rests are the only items left in the box after removing all of these and setting them away.

The Body’s Foam Should Be Unwrapped

A layer of foam is wrapped around the body of the sex doll during shipping to ensure its integrity. To reach the sex doll, you must now carefully remove these foams.

Remove Her With The Blanket

Take the sex doll out of the box that resembles a coffin. Gently place your arms under her body, and slowly bring her out and put her on the floor with the blanket for her to relax on.

Put On The Wig After Connecting The Body And The Head

Congratulations! You have completed the unboxing and assembly of your sex doll!

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Use Of A Chap Sex Doll

The majority of customers buy sex dolls for a real but also more thrilling and pleasurable sexual experience, wonderful companionship, and other reasons you may think of. This is what our sex doll is made for. People love to employ them as models for picture sessions since they are so attractive. You can follow the right rules to lead a beautiful sexual life. We are confident that you will have a positive experience if you are here for this portion and are willing to follow the practice advice we provide.

Remember that your sex doll travels hundreds of miles only to be with you!

Sexual orifice depth:

Vagina: 19 cm / 7.4 inches

Anal: 17 cm (6.7 inches)

Oral depth: 13 cm (5.2 inches)

How Should Your Actual Adult Sex Dolls Be Stored

The most crucial tip before storing your big booty sex doll is to keep it in a natural position with its arms along its body and its legs straight. This will ease the strain on your doll’s elbows, hips, and knees so that it may move freely for a long period. The longevity and smoothness of the moving parts may be harmed or reduced if your doll is left in a contortionist position for an extended period of time.

Having said that, if you feel at ease with your doll hanging out with you all the time, by all means, do it. After all, you purchased a real doll for that purpose.

Last but not least, the materials used to make silicone and TPE sex dolls are both sensitive to extremely hot or cold temperatures. Before putting your doll away for an extended amount of time, consider this. Your doll’s skin won’t break or deform if you keep it in a comfortable temperature range. The riskiest time to go without air conditioning or ventilation is during the sweltering summer months.

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Real sex dolls are entertaining, thrilling, and simple to maintain. Yes, they can appear to be a costly investment, but they are made to last for a very long time. Choosing a doll that really excites you will transport you to a different dimension where you can experience excitement and vigor in your sex life. Keep in mind that real sex dolls are always up for having fun with you. You will have a strong partner to enjoy life with if you follow this advice and take care of your sex doll as much as we advised.

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