Guide to Custom Sex Dolls

Guide to Custom Sex Dolls

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Custom sex dolls make your wildest dreams a reality.

Everyone’s mind has existed the look of their dream girl, she may be the first love you once had a crush on, or the ex-girlfriend you can’t forget, or maybe the goddess you always longed for but never got. And custom sex dolls make your wildest dreams a reality, your wish is no longer a fantasy, have you ever considered having one of the most exquisite erotic toys – a sex doll? If this has ever been your idea, you have finally found the perfect time and place. It must be the most wonderful creative process where you can customize her eyes, hair color, breasts, vagina, skin color, nails, etc. as you like. All the specifications you want about sex dolls can be fulfilled. Seeing this, you can start thinking about whether your partner is a pretty blonde with big breasts with blue eyes or a sexy gypsy with big eyes and flat breasts who will experience exciting sexual adventures with you.

There are many customization or modification items for sex dolls, and SexDollTech offers you a wide variety of options and combinations. We have summarized and analyzed the different elements of various bodies to give you ideas for the creation of your sex doll, and within each body part, you will be able to see the various options used to customize that secret fantasy lover of yours. Which elements of a woman’s body are essential to you all depends on your tastes and preferences. So, let’s start choosing to customize your one-of-a-kind dream girl!

1. Gender
First, you first make a choice of gender for your sex doll, a realistic male sex doll or a female doll? Or is it a shemale doll? Because their physical characteristics are different, it will affect the next body elements of customization. For example, male dolls will not have the option of nail color and long curly hair, female dolls will not have the option of abs and throat knot, while siren dolls will combine the two gender options to customize your unique doll.

2. Material
TPE is a super realistic rubber-like medical-grade material. Most realistic sex dolls on the market today are made from TPE, which stands for thermoplastic elastomer and is a more affordable rubber-like material than other plastics and materials. Sex dolls can be best made with TPE. This unique rubber is heated until it becomes a liquid and then poured into a mold around an alloy frame. It is then allowed to cool and cure to produce realistic, high-end, high-quality TPE sex dolls. Meanwhile, silicone was used to create the dolls as another material. But research has found that TPE is softer to the touch compared to silicone. For beginners, it is much cheaper than other materials used to make sex dolls. It has a soft, skin-like touch. It also holds its shape well, no matter how strong you are with the doll.

Surprisingly, SexDollTech has developed a silicone head TPE body for sex dolls. The facial makeup of a doll made with silicone material will be more delicate and beautiful than a TPE head, and her makeup will last longer. And the TPE body still provides the closest touch to human skin sensation, so you can feel the sensation of touching a real woman.

3. Height
Height customization can choose from 140cm-175cm among your favorite doll height, you do not have to worry about your girlfriend’s height being too tall or too short, this is destined to change, and here you only need to follow your wishes, you can customize the height of your partner to your satisfaction.

*If you like shorter sex dolls, choose 140 cm ~ 150 cm sex dolls
*If you like medium-height sex dolls, 160cm ~ 165cm is the medium and popular height for sex dolls
*If you like tall sex dolls, 168cm ~ 175cm sex dolls are the best choice

4. Skin color
The skin of sex dolls has a very long life, no unpleasant smell, a high degree of flexibility, and a low risk of tearing. Sex doll skin color is generally divided into black, white, natural, pink, brown, etc. In addition, you can also customize custom skin according to your favorite, if you like dark black dolls, then black-skinned dolls are your first choice, if you want your partner to have fair and smooth skin, then white skin is the most suitable choice. Some people like tanning because they look healthy, have a specific skin color, or are according to their favorite choice.

5. Eyes
The most popular colors of the eyes of sex dolls are blue, black, purple and green, etc. The material of the eyes is made of high-quality acrylic, all the eyes of sex dolls can be rotated, and each exquisite doll has a pair of soulful and charming eyes. Whenever you look at her together romantically, her beautiful pupils can shoot into your heart, love slowly heats up, and the atmosphere between you becomes wonderful, which is definitely pre-sexual preparation.

6. Hairstyle
Your sex doll’s hairstyle has a variety of options, silicone head of hair is the use of hair implants to her head implanted hair, just like human hair, so when you want to start the intimate journey, sex dolls will not happen when the wig slipped embarrassing events. Hair includes color and type, for example, you can choose big wavy curls or long straight hair and other more female hairstyles, while choosing its color is light blonde, light brown, pink or chocolate, etc. If the color of your hair is too much for you to choose, do not worry, you just need to send a picture directly over. Having a nice haircut makes the doll more elegant.

7. Breasts
If you’re particularly concerned about your sex doll’s breasts, then this is the section that will interest you most! We offer breast types from B-cup to H-cup. We offer breast types from B-cup to H-cup because not everyone likes big breasts and some will be interested in girls with smaller breasts. Breasts are available in TPE solid, hollow, and gel-filled options so you can find the one that suits you best. For example, BBW sex doll; the difference between the areola is its color, the young cute girl’s areola is light pink or pink, while the mature sexy woman will be dark brown or light brown, this choice depends on what type of sex doll you like, is it a petite and gentle baby Lolita or a noble and elegant queen highness?

8. Vagina
The fixed vagina is embedded in the body and is closer to the woman’s body structure. If you close your eyes and enjoy it, you won’t be able to guess whether it’s a sex doll’s vagina or a real woman’s vagina, but you have to pay attention to the cleaning problem. The removable vagina is removable, it’s easier to clean and dry, you can also replace the removable vagina in case of damage, but this also requires some installation skills (you need to powder or lubricate before insertion), plus you can customize your sex doll if you need pubic hair.

In addition to these customizable options, you can also add additional sex doll options such as tattoos, extendable feet, freckles, etc. If you have more customization ideas, please click contact us to customize your one-of-a-kind treasure in the world!


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