What does sex with real love dolls feel like?

What does sex with real love dolls feel like?

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What does it feel like to have sex with a sex doll?

We believe that what it feels like to have sex with a sex doll has been a doubt in the minds of many men. They may wonder if the sex doll’s vagina is tight? Can the lips of a sex doll be kissed? Can she be positioned to satisfy our sexual needs? Does sex with a sex doll feel better or worse than a real woman’s? Many people want to know what the answer to this is but feel embarrassed to ask experienced people, or men who have bought dolls are too embarrassed to share their feelings with you, after all, this is a personal and intimate matter. But no matter, after our multifaceted research summary, to provide you with different types of sex acts with sex dolls and their feelings.

First of all, don’t believe what some people say about sex dolls being cold and lacking in intimacy, sex dolls are far more realistic than you think. Due to the development of technology, most lifelike sex dolls have now become more realistic, from the beginning of the inflatable dolls to the current TPE cheap sex dolls, AI smart dolls will also become common in the future. So what is it like to have sex with a sex doll? It depends on what type of sex you want to try. The next article will describe what it really feels like to have sex with a sex doll from several types of sex.

What does it feel like to kiss and touch a sex doll?

TPE sex dolls are made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) which absorbs and stores heat very well, unlike cheap inflatables, it is not cold plastic. Not only does TPE feel warm to the touch, but her breasts also are soft and round enough to squeeze and ravage, and the sensation is just like touching real skin. Of course, she is as sensitive as normal human skin, but also be aware of corrosion or sharp objects. The most important point is that the doll made of TPE is odorless, which is a boon for people who do not like sensitive smells. When you have sex with the doll, you will not smell the same plastic smell as on the inflatable doll, and the hypoallergenic nature of the TPE material also gives you safe and worry-free lovemaking, and people prone to allergies can enjoy sex dolls with confidence.

The sex doll’s lips are soft, her teeth and tongue are realistic, there is a deep throat, and all facial features are shaped by real women. If you have customized your doll with a tongue when you stick your tongue in to kiss her, she will respond to you with a real tongue, her face is soft and her lips can open, her tongue can feel your temperature, and you will enjoy the wonderful feeling of kissing each other together.

What is it like to have oral sex with a sex doll?

There are many men who have expressed a desire to experience the feeling of oral sex, but their girlfriends or wives are not receptive to it, so sex dolls offer them this satisfying service. Real-size sex dolls are designed to have deep long throats and their lips have good elasticity and can be opened wide, and since these dolls are designed with deep throats, you can easily insert a long penis. Their mouth features are in accordance with the real female imitation to come, the pursuit of 1:1 high degree of authenticity, their mouth can be very close to the penis fit, and just add a little lube or heated with a heating rod, you can experience the pleasure of oral sex like never before.

What does it feel like to have vaginal intercourse with a sex doll?

I’m sure you care most about and want to know the most about what it feels like to have sex with a sex doll’s vagina! In order to give users the most realistic and pleasurable sex experience, we put a lot of thought into this part, aiming to create the most perfect vagina of a real woman for you. The vaginas of the top sex dolls are made of realistic molds. What does this mean? It means that they are anatomically correct. Honestly, if you were to have sex with a doll while blindfolded and your penis was inserted into the doll’s vagina, you wouldn’t be able to guess for a second if it was a real woman or a lifelike realistic sex doll. The feeling is so wonderful that you can enjoy the real pleasure of having sex and finally release all your semen inside her vagina, think about it is very promising? To get better results, you can warm up your doll first, using a heating rod or an electric blanket, these methods can provide heat to the doll for a period of time, and you can then have intimate and comfortable sex having a feeling. But please note that the temperature of heating the doll should not be too high, because it is the same as our human skin, if the temperature is too high will be damaged.

What is it like to have anal sex with a sex doll?

In addition to oral sex, which some women resent, anal is an unacceptable way for them to have sex, which is a headache for many men who want anal sex. If you desire to insert your penis into a woman’s anus, but can not satisfy this desire. The highly realistic anus of the sex doll opens the door for you to have sex. The simulated anal sex feels tighter than vaginal sex because it has a small hole and feels completely different from vaginal sex. Are you already excited and eager to try it out?

The ass of the sex doll is especially firm and soft, along with the lovemaking action, her ass will be uncontrollably shaking and jiggling all the time, I’m sure you will not be able to resist slapping her ass, her back is as realistic as a real woman, you can be guaranteed to try different positions, if you like doggy style lovemaking action, the huge breast sex doll will be a great choice, and you can get unexpected pleasure from the back.

After reading this article, I’m sure your doubts about what it’s like to have sex with a sex doll have been resolved. No matter what type of sex you choose, your first time with a male masturbator doll will be a great experience. Having sex with a sex doll is more of an art that you will need to master over time. Of course, in addition to providing you with the most pleasurable lovemaking experience, a sex doll also provides you with irreplaceable companionship. She willingly chases away your loneliness without asking for anything in return, and you can share all your worries and depression with her, she is the best listener in the world.


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