How do I buy the right affordable sex doll?

How do I buy the right affordable sex doll?

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The two mainstream materials used to make sex dolls on the market today are TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls. Whether it is TPE or silicone, realistic dolls made of these two materials are non-toxic, harmless, and safe.
However, the different costs of materials also led to a significant difference in the price of the two dolls. Cheap sex dolls are generally made of materials TPE dolls, while most of the expensive and luxurious sex dolls are silicone dolls.
The advantages and disadvantages of sex dolls of different materials are different.

TPE sex dolls

  1. Soft. The most important feature of this material is that it is soft and has a realistic feel. affordable sex dolls made of TPE material have soft breasts and hips. In use, the different rhythms will produce different jiggling effects, the most restoring the real sexual experience of a sex doll.
  2. hypoallergenic. TPE material is medical grade non-toxic material, which means that you can use the sex dolls made of this material with confidence. Whether kissing or having sex, will not pose a threat to your body.
  3. Cheap. Because of the cost, TPE sex dolls are much cheaper than silicone sex dolls. SexDollTech has a strong supply chain and warehouses in many countries, you can buy the most affordable sex dolls from us.
  1. Maintenance is required from time to time.
  2. Due to the special nature of the material, easy to oil, and easily becomes dirty.
  3. Easy to stain
  4. Not heat resistant, so please do not use hot water when you clean or want to take a bath with the doll.
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Silicone sex dolls

  1. Realistic and ultra-realistic. Silicone material for sex dolls can highly restore human features and facial characteristics. It is a super realistic and most realistic sex doll. Currently, more and more people are buying these realistic sex dolls for photography and collection.
  2. Easy to clean. Compared with TPE dolls, silicone sex dolls are just easy to clean. You only need to rinse with water and then simply wipe clean, very convenient.
  3. Heat and heat resistance. At any time, you can take a bath with the doll.
  1. Hard. Because this material of realistic silicone sex dolls with high-temperature resistance, it will be harder than ordinary cheap sex dolls.
  2. Expensive. Most silicone dolls now cost around $2500-4000. If you can not afford the price of this luxury sex doll, but want to try the effect of silicone, you can choose the silicone head + TPE body combination of adult sex dolls.
  3. Heavy. Since silicone is a malleable material. In the case of the same height, cheap TPE sex dolls will be much lighter than silicone dolls.

About how to buy the right American sexdolls. You can refer to the content shared above to choose.