The difference between TPE and silicone sex dolls

The difference between TPE and silicone sex dolls

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Silicone is a thermosetting elastomer, non-toxic and odorless in water. Silicone is relatively easy to clean, but sometimes customers say it is sticky. Silicone dolls are expensive but are more resistant to heat, water, and stains. Silicone sex dolls have the most realistic vaginal and anal cavities, which is a big advantage for someone. Compared to TPE, silicone has a smoother surface, but TPE’s skin feels more realistic and the difference between TPE and silicone is greater than TPE.

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The main advantages of silicone sex dolls

-Easier to clean and sterilize
-Insensitive to heat
-Silicone can hold its shape and bear weight

  • Due to the porous texture, silicone dolls feel very smooth to the touch (unlike real skin)
    -As silicone dolls, trials and tests have been going on for a long time

The shortcomings of silicone material.

-Heavier than real dolls made of TPE. Her breasts and hips don’t swing when you rock her back and forth.
-Silicone dolls are sometimes even more expensive.
-Silicone rubber is thicker and softer than TPE.

  • Silicone is less durable than TPE

TPE is a mixture of rubber and plastic. It is thermoplastic and flexible. It is flexible, easy to use, and can be repeatedly stretched and immediately returned to its original shape. TPE is often used to make cheap sex dolls because of its malleability, soft texture, and elasticity. It feels more like real skin and is very soft.
The TPE manufacturing process is simple, does not require vulcanization, and can cover PE, PP, PS, and other plastics, so TPE material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Its hardness ranges from 0 A to 120 A. It can be custom molded and recycled to reduce production costs. They are widely used in modern sex dolls and brothels.

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The main advantages of TPE sex dolls.

  • Realistic look and realistic touch
  • Flexible squeeze and softness
  • Huggable TPE stays warm just like a real person
  • Hypoallergenic, meaning you’re less likely to have an allergic reaction
  • TPE is cheaper
  • It doesn’t have an odor like latex. It is odorless.

TPE feels soft against your skin, and your breasts and body are soft enough to rock. It’s a man’s favorite thing. TPE makes the vagina softer and fluffier, but it’s also real on the inside. If you need to find something to hold onto, TPE can help. Our TPE sex dolls use advanced injection technology to ensure that body parts like the mouth and vagina give realistic sexual sensations. You can keep the TPE doll in many positions because the TPE material is very flexible.

Defects of TPE material.

TPE sex dolls are hard to clean from stains. So you should clean the vagina and anus as often as possible. All realistic adult dolls are made of the new TPE material, not pure silicone.

Realistic TPE sex dolls vs. silicone sex dolls – which is better?

It depends on various factors, such as the amount you are willing to pay. But considering all possible factors, TPE sex dolls are the future of dolls. This is because it can be used to make real sex dolls. And TPE sex dolls can accommodate longer penises and have a larger girth because they offer more room for expansion and provide a more realistic skin feel for a more realistic, typical, and satisfying experience. Life size sex dolls can even help with anxiety and depression.


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